Work Life: Success and Failure

This week I have had a combination of success and failure. There is always a balance in life. I am not unhappy with the direction that my life is taking. It might be a bit unexpected but it is bringing me joy. I have decided to live in the moment and take things as they come. It is all about balance.

Failure: I have not finished my financial projections for my business. I have failed to complete my series for publication. I have not done any work as an author in well over a month. I would be upset about that but I'm not. I have decided to put that dream on hold for now. This will allow me to get the rest of my life in order and make my dreams more attainable as I move forward. Not all failure is bleak.

Success: I am advancing slowly but surely in my "day job". I am really happy with my co-workers and the job itself. I have never felt so good about work before in my life. I am still less than a month in and become more in love as time goes by.

How has your week been? I feel more and more confident with my life as time goes by. I have a very busy schedule coming up. I will keep you updated!

With Love,


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