Writer Life: Book 3

I knew the second that I started writing that my books would start off being a series. I knew there would be four books. I also knew what the outlines of the stories would be. As I wrote the stories and books came to life. The first two books flowed very quickly and easily.

The third book has always been harder for me. I wanted it to be completed quickly and be perfect on the first try. That did not happen.

Writing was slow, sluggish and came in spurts. And even then I did not feel confident in the work in the way that I had with the previous books. It was so frustrating and upsetting that I had to walk away for a while.

Something interesting happened when I came back to the work several weeks later. I realized that the story needed to be tweaked. This book is very important to me and I wanted to get it right. And so I literally tossed most of the book out. I started over again.

It was been a lot of work to toss most of the book and start close to the start. And yet it is so rewarding. The material is everything I always knew it could be at the start. I have been working very hard to get the work written and ready for the editor.

Once the third book is completed to that level I will be moving on to book four. That will be very fun to discuss here on the blog. I am so excited to get them all edited and published. It will be my greatest joy to share the New York Family Series with you!

With Love,


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