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I have several journals these days. There is one that I keep for personal reasons. The journal was a gift from last Christmas. The journal is a five year memory journal. There is a question a day and you fill it out for all five years.

I also have a food log, therapy journal and a fantasy journal. The only one I keep very private is my fantasy journal. The fantasy journal is super private and contains information about my sexuality. Each journal that I keep has its own value and allows me to keep myself focused.

I have found that the more in tune that I am with myself the better my writing becomes. I can channel my own fantasies, memories, thoughts and feelings into my writing. It has helped me grow as both a person and a writer.

I keep records and have lists for almost everything. There are papers scattered all over even when they are neatly in piles or organized. I am also big into calendars and keeping track of myself. All of these things improve my professional and personal life.

It is really happy for me to have all of this in my life. I am thriving on everything that I am doing. Productivity is important to me and also moving forward with my life and achieving my goals mean a lot to me.

With Love,


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