Writer's Life: Frustrations

I have been working on my book series for over a year and a half. I am now starting to work on my second book series. All of the work has taken so much more time that I believed possible.

The work is not simply that of being creative. There is also a lot of learning that I had to do. I took two courses in that time on traditional and indie publishing. I've been working on business plans and ideas to be unique in my business.

I have also been working on ways in which to find a healthy work/life balance both now and later on. It is good to know how your business will fit into your life. I have come up with some creative and happy ideas in this area. I will be more willing to share once we get rolling... which leads me to the next part.

All of these things are taking time. I am not rushing as I want my business to become a career. However, this leads to many people asking what is taking so long.

Then there are all of the unsolicited opinions. It seems to swirl like a tornado. I am the kind of person who dislikes having to explain herself when it is something so personal. I have my reasons and it is something that impacts me. So, it makes no sense why people want to pry and push for more information.

I am frustrated. Have you ever experienced this?

With Love,


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