Writer's Life: Meeting!

Over the last several months I have been taking the wonderful course instructed by Bethany Atazadah. It has been lovely to learn and grow. I feel like I have grown as a writer and as a business person just from her lessons.

This all was to help myself become stronger, smarter and more confident. These qualities would help me moving forward as bother a writer and as an indie publisher. I'm in a great place having already gotten two of my four books (it is a series) ready to be professionally edited.

Then I took all that I have learned and made it a presentation. I went and sat down with someone that I trust. I presented all that I have learned and my business model. The reasons why I feel it works for me and more. It was important to me that I have everything together and to show my commitment to making my publishing company/writing career the best and most successful that I can be.

There were three options presented for funding for my business to start up. I presented them in the order that I felt they would best suit my business. At the end of the meeting I waited to hear the thoughts of someone business minded. This person is serious, smart, clever and logical. I needed to know if I had gotten myself to a place where I can not only be ready to hit the ground running but to make this dream a reality.

There were questions, answers, discussion and then silence. I waited calmly for them to tell me their thoughts. In the end they agreed that my business plan was solid, they were confident in my writing, my business knowledge, my ability to be successful. The part that really sent me on a "happy high" was when they said they would assist me in the process to garner my financing. (The option that was my most hoped for option!)

It is one thing to have a career oriented professional take an interest in your work and believe in you. It is another for them to help you while using their skills to help you (to help yourself) in reaching your goals and dreams. It was magical. Can meetings be magical? If they can be... this one was.

The next several months will be an amazing business adventure!

With Love,


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