Writer's Life: Questions & Assumptions

The other day I was speaking to a friend of mine. We were discussing the fact that I have written four novels. The fact that I am in the process of getting them ready for publication. We also discussed the fact that I am taking a course on self-publishing.

The friend of mine then started in saying the very things all people in my position hope that they'll never say...

1) So in addition to the books you have written like... what do you do?!

Answer: Well, I have to re-read it a million times, edit it until my skills run out and then the real work begins! I need to find a professional editor, designer for my book cover and then there is all of the other self-publishing aspects.

2) You can't just like edit yourself and design your own cover?!

Answer: Nope! There are limits to my skills and abilities. I would rather it be done by a professional so my book can be as professional as possible.

3) Even if you like publish the books they won't be "real" published books though!

Response: Actually, you will not be able to tell the difference except that instead of Penguin or whatever other big publisher you will see my company instead.

4) Your company?! What?!!

Answer: Yes, I am in the process of learning about the best way to create my business. Self-Publishing is not simply one dimensional. I have decided to become an official company. That takes time, it is a process and it will be very legal once I am finished.

5) So do you like own your own work?

Answer: Yes, and I will also be able to make all decisions for my books. It is thrilling but will be a lot of work.

6) Then you don't just copy and paste it and print it out?

Answer: No. You write your book, you edit, you work on formatting, you send it to be edited professionally, you work on a cover design with a professional and so on. There is a lot of work involved.

7) Wow! How do you pay for it?

Answer: There are several ways to fund your work. I am currently exploring my options.

8) What kind of books will you be writing?!

Answer: Adult contemporary romance. There will be different degrees of spice in them depending on the story.

9) Do you think you'll be embarrassed once they are released? I mean your friends and family will read the sex scenes you have written!!!

Answer: No, I am a very sex positive person and do not feel shame for that.

10) Will you use a pen name of your real name?

Answer: I will be using my -real- name.

What are your thoughts?! ;) Share in the comments down below. I would love to know if others have experienced this kind of situation and how you handled it.

With Love,


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