Writer's Life: Writing Styles

I have been writing down poems, ideas, short stories and started novels since I was a small child. (I know, most authors say the same! But, it is true.) I have finished novels and worked seriously on them for a couple of years now.

I used to simply sit down at my desk and write straight and pick up where I left off the next time. I sometimes would write something entirely on my phone. There were no ideas or notes for things further in the story. It was all fresh and as it came. That really worked for me and made my work feel complete.

After finishing my third complete book things started to change. I knew what I wanted to have the main story become. At the same time and I had little scenes and thoughts come to me out of sequence. I started taking notes, working on scenes all over the timeline and scattering things. It was organized chaos.

The way that I placed all of those parts together was both fun, new and interesting. At the end of the day it made the work better. It was not something I learned from a course, it was not something I was taught from someone else but something I found on my own. Organic. That is how I have always written.

My work is getting better and better the most that I write. The unfortunate thing about finding my writing style on my fourth book was that the "other" work started. I have been editing, formatting, studying, crunch numbers, working on business stuff... I have not written in a few months. I am itching to get back into it. I already have ideas for my next series planned.

What is your writing style?

With Love,


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