Writing A Series

I've been working on a book series for the last year. The book series is called "The New York Family" series. It obviously showcases a family who are originally from New York but they end up traveling a bit over their stories.

The first book came to me organically and as I was writing it I realized soon into the process that this would be a series. The second book was waiting for me as soon as the first was finished. The third book was harder to right because it was outside of my normal comfort zone. The fourth book was different, unique and wanted to be written as soon as possible.

In the time it took for me to write the first three books I became a better writer. The style in which I write has changed. I have become more organized and the writing feels stronger and better.

After the books had been completed I went back and re-read them making edits as I went along. I found myself fixing little things through book one that I had never considered until I had finished book four. My confidence was soaring.

I'm feeling confident in each book in the series. At the same time I feel like each is very unique. They are all connected through the magic of friendship and family. I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a favorite. However, I will be taking that secret with me to the grave! ;)

Writing a series is more fun than writing a standalone. I have a standalone that is waiting to be edited. I decided that my series was stronger and more important to share first. I feel like it is fun being able to see your favorite characters again in different stories. You can connect with them in several books and have more time with them.

I really hope that once the series is published that readers connect with the family and all of their adventures!

With Love,


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