Writing Life: Writing Trauma

I am currently editing/re-writing and scrapping some things in the third book of my series. There is a character that I really love. I was disappointed because she was great but missing something. I was listening to a 911 call on Youtube and inspiration came to me. I realized that her childhood was filled with trauma.

This started me on a new journey in my writing. I had never written someone with this kind of trauma in their past. I have never lived this specific kind of trauma. And so I have researched, I have allowed myself to follow her story as it unfolds...

The experience of writing her trauma has helped me stretch and grow as both an author and as a person. I hope that it all translates on the pages of the book. This character is not her trauma but it -is- a part of her.

Have any other authors experienced this? I would love to hear about your experiences writing about trauma.

With Love,


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