Writing Process: Muses/Process

Every writer has their own personal process. My personal process has evolved over time and probably will continue to evolve. I've been writing since I was a small child.

As a child I would write things down in notebooks or scribble on papers. Sometimes I would even jot little ideas down on grocery bag book covers. In my teens I began writing poetry in pretty covered notebooks.

In my twenties I started to write both poetry and "stories" on my computer. I've transitioned into using my computer, my phone and notebooks to write down my stories. Sometimes even simple ideas get written on a paper or wherever I can find something to write on.

Most of the time I write at my desk. I have my headset on and I listen to music that inspired me or a tv show that sparks my creative mind. I get into the zone and the words, scenes and worlds flow straight through me.

It is sometimes hard for me to focus on one book or story at a time. Sometimes I have multiple projects going at once. I work really hard to be sure that I am tapped into the right story and make sure to to the best job that I can while I am in the creative space.

If you are a writer what is your process like? Does music influence you? Do you need quiet? Where do you write?

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