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In early 2021 I made the choice to dedicate my life to writing. I graduated with a degree in Healthcare Administration and wanted to follow my passion. It was during this time that I began to take courses on writing and publishing in addition to writing a book series.

I've taken a course on traditional publishing and am currently enrolled in a course on self-publishing. I have written a four book series and am now in the editing/re-write stages of the writing process. In January of 2022 I started sending out queries and trying for a traditional publishing process.

We are now several weeks into the process and I have had six rejections. That does make me feel sad and a little embarrassed. At the same time I am not letting it get me down. If my book never takes in the traditional publishing world I can go out on my own.

I've been seriously considering self-publishing my book series and all books moving forward. I am giving myself until June to fully decide. All of the queries I sent out should be back at that time. Then I will know 100% where I stand with traditional publishing. I will also have enough time left in the year to switch gears.

The best course that I have come across for self-publishing is the Writer's Mastery Course instructed by Bethany Atazadeh. I am also really excited for all of Writer's Mastery courses that come with my subscription.

Big things will be coming later this year one way or another! I will update this blog whenever I have new things to share.

With Love,


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